Share your Story

share why you oppose Prop 15, the Devastating Tax hike on farmers, Ranchers and consumers.

California Farm Bureau, Western Growers and the Ag Council of California are leading an effort to defeat Prop 15 and its tax hikes on California family farmers and ranchers. 

We’re asking farmers and ranchers to use their smartphone or tablet to take a short video sharing your story about how Prop 15 will impact your farm or ranch and consumers. We’ll use these videos on our social media channels and other campaign communications to show how people like you will be hurt by Prop 15.

Please complete the form below and click “Record Video” to get started. Please use your smartphone or tablet. You may receive a pop-up asking for permission to access your device’s camera and microphone – please allow access, then click the red circle to begin recording. 

You can review your recording before submitting by hitting the play button. If you want to re-record, just hit the red record button again to start over. Once you’re happy with your video, click submit!

While we want your unique story, below are a few prompts you can answer in your video. Please take the video with your crops, stock or operation in the background.

  • How would Prop 15, the largest property tax increase in California history, personally affect you?
  • How will Prop 15’s tax hike on agriculture hurt family farmers?
  • With all of the current burdens California agriculture is facing at the moment, can we afford to add steep property taxes on top?
  • With millions out of work, do you think now is a good time to raise food prices on Californians?
  • If Prop 15 passes, would your farm be able to stay in business?